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Friday, June 19, 2015

So much for last year's blogging goals!

My last post was almost one year ago on July 22nd.  The Sunday after that post I found out I was pregnant.  Sweet lil' number 2 arrived on April 9th.  Blogging and creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers were placed on the back burner as I adjusted to my new teaching position, planned for a long term sub, and figured out how to be the Mom to two awesome daughters!  I am hoping this summer to get back in the blogging game...once a week would be great! Twice a month may be more realistic!

So far this summer I have been thinking about classroom decor.  I want something consistent, that I can use year after year.  Changing decor each year gets expensive, and now that I have 2 in daycare, my budget just won't allow for my classroom to express the annual theme my school does each year.  This year's theme is "Get in the Game" and my hallway has chosen Candy Land as our board game.  We will decorate our hallway to resemble the game.  I am hoping to come up with an awesome motto using SWEETS as our acronym.  I am throwing some ideas around...Students With Enthusiastic Educated Thinking Skills?  I will get it eventually...

For my own classroom I have been scrolling through Pinterest looking at pics of awesome classrooms.  This is the time of year I start to wish I was in an elementary school and could incorporate some of the cute ideas I find, but I teach 5th grade in a Middle School and cute doesn't always cut it there. 

What has really caught my eye are black and white classrooms with pops of color, and of course a chevron pattern.  I love chevron...and polka dots!  And they actually look really cute together.  So far I have created Calendar Monthly Headings using a great Chevron background.

Available on TPT
I envision black fabric on the bulletin boards.  Solid borders on those bulletin boards.  And accents of color, like with the calendar headings and classroom rules.  I am working on my seating plan as well.  My department head, mentor, friend, leaves her class set up with 5 "tables"  all year. ( we have desks in the classrooms and not tables, every other science teacher in the district has tables, go figure).  I want to try doing this as well with each table, or team as I will call them will be numbered...or colored, I haven't decided.  The team signs will add another pop of color.  I want to attach the signs to tissue fans or paper lanterns, like these on Oriental Trading.

I really think it is all coming together in my head, I just hope I can transfer my idea to my classroom!
Wish me luck!

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