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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Choice Board Template--Free Product in my TPT Store

I have created a template, available in Power Point, and made it available at my TPT store.  Use this template to create your own choice board or task cards.

You can choose to group activities by color or shape.

Can be used with any unit that you are studying or any subject! Great for all grade levels.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

HTML as a Second Language

I honestly thought the hardest part about blogging was going to be keeping up with it.  And don't get me wrong.  That has been difficult.  I am no where near creating a schedule for posts or even posting weekly like I wanted to.  

This week though it is all about the appearance of the blog. Developing a color scheme, graphics, how do I make a button?  What is a blog button?  How do I make a pretty, eye catching header and why isn't it centered? So many issues.  So I did what any newbie would do, I GOOGLED it.  A lot of awesome information out there A LOT! Much of it was simple and easy to follow, but a lot talked about HTML and coding. It was a foreign language. 

I do not code. I wish I knew how.  I know it is becoming very popular to get kids to start coding.  A team mate of mine introduced the kids to Scratch.  A free program offered through MIT--I know right! The kids loved it.  They made their own games and had a great introduction to computer programming, and I thought isn't that awesome.  


Monday, July 7, 2014

New TPT Product--Properties of Matter Choice Board

I am super excited about the most recent addition to the Ham it Up in Science TPT store.  The Properties of Matter Choice Board is filled with 16 differentiated activities that students can complete independently or with a partner. Activities are divided into four levels of difficulty based on Bloom's.  Each level includes 4 activities.  These are great for the multiple ability levels in our classrooms.

Every school year starts off with this TEKS, classifying the physical properties of matter.  Personally, I think it is one of the most fun TEKS we have in terms of getting the students' hands on stuff and actually investigating with science tools.  It is a great way to start the year off!

I also love using choice boards in the classroom.  There is something exciting about a classroom that allows students to work on a variety of activities in order to learn or review a concept. I really like to give students a choice to show their knowledge.  Students who enjoy creative writing can write a poem or short story about matter changing physical state.  The more analytical students can develop investigations to determine the physical properties of an object.

I have in the past struggled with the management of the choice board activities.  This year I am thinking about creating a folder for each student and storing the folders in milk crates in the classroom.  They can store their unfinished work in the folder and when they have completed an assignment they can turn it in to be graded.

How do you use choice boards in your classroom?  Do you use choice boards in your classroom? How do you manage the "organized chaos"?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First TPT Store Milestone!!!

I am super excited! I sold my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!

I was very apprehensive about putting anything on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I struggle with thinking that I could create a product that anyone would actually want to see let alone purchase.  But then it happened.  I have been lacking the inspiration to work on anything else that I could put in my store, and actually selling a product has made me feel a little more motivated.

Now it is July, the only full month of summer vacation and I hope that I can use "nap time" to work on my products.

And hey, if you happen to read this would you mind leaving a comment?  Just dying to know who is seeing what I write.  Also, please share on Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media things...