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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The year is off and running...

The first few weeks have flown by and the school year is in full swing!

I am really enjoying my kiddos this year! So many fun personalities and it already feels like a family, which I love about being in the classroom.

This past week we wrapped up our unit on properties of matter.  We talked about relative density while testing which fruits and vegetables would sink or float.  I wish I had taken pictures! The kiddos are always so shocked when the blueberry sinks and the watermelon floats! They ooooh and ahhh, it is so fun.

We began to focus on the properties of water, specifically at which temperature water will melt, freeze and boil.  Every year I try to find a way to make this topic "hands on" but it never works out right.  This year beakers and thermometers were broken in the process.  I am hoping an interactive virtual investigation through STEMScopes will happen on Monday, technology willing :)

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