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Monday, August 15, 2016

Back in the Classroom!

I am officially back to work.  Friday was the "official" campus work day and I am happy to say that my classroom has been ready to go since Thursday! Of course I just added a piece of furniture so I am going to have to make some changes, but I am so happy with the way it is looking.

Here are a few before pictures I took two weeks ago when I first started heading up to campus.

This is looking from the door to the classroom.  Desks stacked up.  Everything packed and stored on top of cabinets and counter space.  Do you see how ugly this classroom is?  It is so...BEIGE!!! I hate it.  We are allowed to paint one wall with an approved color and a promise to paint over it if we leave the classroom, but with two little ones "helping me" in my classroom--you can even see baby toys in several of the pictures--painting was just too big of a job for me this year.  Carpets are also a bad idea in a science classroom--just ew.

From the back of the room looking towards the teacher corner.  We were allowed to leave the fabric and border on our bulletin boards which was super helpful. 

So this is what I started with on August 1st.  I will be doing a classroom tour once everything is exactly how I want it.  

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