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Friday, June 30, 2017

Target Dollar Spot Excitement

The big girl had Vacation Bible School this week, so little girl and I hit up three area Targets to scope out the Dollar Spots.  Instagram was filled with amazing back to school finds and I couldn't resist seeking out some of these items for my own classroom/personal happiness!  A few of the items were left over Summer Items and on clearance with 70% off, some items as low as 30 cents.

I am super excited about these colorful trays.  Trays are a must in the science classroom, and these are the perfect shape and size.  In the past, I used crawfish trays, and they were too big and more difficult for fifth graders to carry around the classroom.  I can use these trays to divide up lab supplies and center activities for each group.

File folders galore! You can never have enough of them and when they are cute and brightly colored they just make working at a desk a little more enjoyable.  One of my three professional goals this year is to stay organized, and I am hoping cute office supplies will also help me achieve that goal.

I found a cute binder with a great motivational message: Just Get it Done!  I may use it as my teacher binder this year, or a place to hold IEP and 504 paperwork.  I also found cute dividers that I am excited to add to my binders for the year.

Pencils, pencils and more pencils.  I am absolutely obsessed with Target Dollar Spot pencils and I buy new ones every season.  I also snagged a nifty pencil pouch because I need something for my scented felt tip pens!  I am starting work on my principal certification and homework will be a lot more interesting with scented pens, cute page flags, and YESSSSS! and NOPE notepads.

Teach, Learn, and Think letter signs to add more color to my classroom.  I don't have a theme in my decor, but I do like to incorporate as much color as I can.  My classroom is very BEIGE--floors, walls and cabinets.  The only color is the navy blue counter tops which just seems to make the beige stand out even more.  I have been trying for 2 years now to figure out how to make the classroom more welcoming and slowly I have been making progress.

I have created pennants for I will statements that I hang in the classroom to demonstrate how much we have learned.  I found a spool of twine with 25 small, colorful clips that I am going to use to hang the pennants at the front of the room this year.

A unicorn themed Follow Your Dreams desk pad planner!  Super excited about this item and can not wait to add it to my desk.

I also managed to score 6 mini Steve Spangler's Energy Sticks that are always fun during our energy unit and electrical circuits unit.

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